Monday, May 19, 2008

He's Not 1 Anymore

I can't believe that my baby is not 1 anymore. That's right today is my guys 2nd birthday! It makes me sad how fast he has grown. I didn't have much planned for the day other than just have some fun. We started the day with Mickey Mouse pancakes (one of the few foods that he will eat) and PRESENTS!! He got a new ride-on bike which he had to ride immediately (he was being made fun of too much for his hand me down broken pink bike) and a blow up pool. We then went swimming in his new pool for a few hours. After naps we headed out to McDonald's for some playland fun and then played at Aunt Jer's for a little while. I have to say that we had a great day! He LOVED when people called on the phone to sing Happy Birthday to him. When they would finish he would just keeping signing "more, more".

What can I say about my little guy? He is a stink for sure, but man I love him to death! One of my favorite things is in the mornings when Brigham has his sippy of milk in one hand, his blankie in the other hand and then points to the couch, "Mama, mama, want toons". We then climb up on the couch, him on my lap cuddling and Brooklyn snuggled into my side and we sit and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Every morning I think, "man, life just cannot get any better than this!"

I also love watching Brigham ride on his little cars. We have been through 5 of them in the past year because he rides them constantly, but man is he cute while he is. You also better watch out if this kid has a ball in his hand (or anything that could possibly be a ball) because he has an arm on him and he is not afraid to use it! He loves to workout with his daddy and push his wheelchair. He is always asking Troy "want workout daddy". He has been going through withdrawls because Troy has been out of town so much lately.

Well, I just wanted to wish my little man a happy birthday. I love you, Brigham!!! You are such a sweet little boy and bring so much happiness to our lives.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday and today. Enjoy!


Caitlin Domanico Photography said...

happy birthday to your little one.

He's friggin adorable!

Jerlyn said...

Briggy, you are adorable! We love you very much! Happy Birthday little man!