Monday, May 19, 2008

2 Wheelin'

I am continually amazed by Brooklyn and this time is no exception. Last week Brooklyn's friend was over and the two of them were outside riding bikes when Brooklyn decided that she wanted to try to ride her friend's bike that did not have training wheels. Well, within 5 minutes she had TAUGHT HERSELF how to ride a 2-wheeler. I couldn't believe it when Troy told me this. I mean c'mon, she's 4. I remember when I learned to ride a bike I was WAY older than Brooklyn and I spent the entire day outside with two of my older brothers. I was bruised and bloody from head to toe before I finally stayed up on two wheels. Looking back I am so surprised that my brothers were patient enough with me to stick at this for HOURS and HOURS. Thanks guys! But back to the story, so the next we decided to go buy her a smaller bike because the one she currently has is too big and she can't put her feet down. She tried riding the bike through the store with no luck at all. So we get home, I pull the bike out of the car and before I can get Troy's chair and Brigham out of the car, Brooklyn is riding in circles around the driveway. Didn't I tell you she was amazing?! She can now stand up and ride and is one crazy girl on her bike.

Here is a picture of her first night on the bike. It is a terrible picture, but look at that smile on her face. Gotta love that girl!

Oh, I almost forgot, don't you just love the outfit she's got going on? Like every other 4 year old I know, she likes to create "unique" styles, which is fine at home, but her Aunt Suzi took her out in public like this. Nice, I know. Oh well, I am sure all the other moms at McDonald's now feel better that their child is not the only one dressed like this.

I had to add this one of her on Sunday. She just looked so cute and big that I had to take a few pics before we headed out. She is definitely my little model and LOVES when the camera comes out. Work it!


Caitlin Domanico Photography said...

Wow, that is IMPRESSIVE!

She is adorable!

Jerlyn said...

Brooklyn, way impressive! I'm so proud of you! I love your creative outfits. They always make me smile! I love you!

Anonymous said...

She is a model!