Monday, May 26, 2008

He's Finally Home!

You probably all remember my sweet nephew, Korbyn, who was born 13 weeks premature. You can see pictures of him here and here. Well, he is now just over 10 weeks old and was able to come home from the hospital last week. He is still on oxygen for at least a few more months but he is gaining weight and is now over 5 pounds!

I had the pleasure of taking his "newborn" pictures yesterday and I have to say that these are my favorite newborn pictures to date! We had to be patient since he really wasn't a sleepy newborn anymore, but we got some pictures that really show how cute and little he is.

Debbie is such a wonderful mother and is an absolute natural! I was so impressed with how calm she is about the oxygen and everything else that Korbyn has already been through in his short little life.

There is nothing like a little tiny baby in his daddy's big arms.

There are still so many more that I still need to edit, but I had to show you a few of my favorites. What can I say, I am a proud Aunt and I know that his mommy will be happy to see them as well!


Laura Davis said...

Oh my gosh Jodi they are so gorgeous. I love the pics. It is crazy how little he is. We missed you guys tonight.

Jerlyn said...

Amazing! I love the pictures. He is one cute little guy!

Caitlin Domanico Photography said...

I'm so happy he's home.

Wow wow wow what a cutie!

Nick & Heather said...

Those pictures are amazing. You are awesome! And that little baby is so cute.