Thursday, January 22, 2009


I mentioned to Brooklyn the other day that we needed to go take some pictures of her in the pecan groves across from our house. Well, she bugged me for several days because she wanted to get dressed up in the pettiskirt and get some pictures so we made a date and headed out. Wouldn't you know that after being there for less than 2 minutes she was done with me and ready to go home. We did have fun though as she explored and ran through the trees. That girl makes me laugh so hard with the things she comes up with. I love spending time with just the two of us. She lights up when she is by herself and thinks she is SO BIG.

I think I could stare at this picture of her bright blue eyes and sweet smile all day. I don't know where the time is going. She looks so big to me here.

This last picture is definitely a favorite of the day. She looks so carefree just spinning and being a little princess all dressed up. This makes me want to treasure everyday of her childhood and enjoy the little moments we have together.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yep, you read that right--26.2 miles of pure determination. The PF Changs Rock n' Roll Marathon was this past Sunday, but no, I didn't run in it. I know, I know, I just didn't want to have to beat up on Troy and go and embarrass him and the other guys so I stood by and watched from the sidelines. Hey somebody has to be there for moral support and to be the chauffeur so I decided to take the bullet for the team and let them do their thing and race. And it is a good thing because Troy did an amazing job, especially for an old guy. (Just kidding hon, I love you!)

Seriously though, Troy hasn't done a marathon in 10 years, but he still managed to get second place. Not an easy feat for sure. Not only that, he had a great time--2 hours and 37 seconds--not too shabby if you ask me. He qualified for the Boston Marathon with 23 seconds to spare. Competing at the Boston Marathon has been a dream of Troy's and I am very proud of him for accomplishing his goal. His older body definitely didn't like the miles and I don't think Troy has ever been so sore, but that won't stop him from doing it again in a couple of months. Troy is the most dedicated and hard working person that I have ever known. Once he makes up his mind to do something, there is absolutely no stopping him--not even when I get on his case.

I want you to know that I am incredibly proud of you, Troy. I am in awe of your determination. We can all learn from you for sure. Thank you for never giving up!

Here is the start of the race. Adam, Erik and Lamar also competed with Troy and did an amazing job. Congrats on finishing the race boys!

Here's Troy very happy that the race is over. He was so sore that it took him three tries to just get out of his chair, but luckily he finally made it. Congrats, honey. I am proud of you!

I had to add this picture of Lamar finishing the race. Lamar is a quiet guy, but man when the race was over he had the biggest smile across his face and surprisingly enough wants to do another marathon in the future. Are you crazy??? Lamar first sat in a racing chair less than a year ago and now has finished his first marathon. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Congrats, Lamar!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I know, I know, I am a total slacker. It is already several weeks into January and I am JUST posting pictures of Christmas morning. Even though it is late, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year! I just had to show you what Santa brought my kiddos. I think Santa went a little crazier this year than he should have and I think he forgot that the kids were only 2 and 5.

Brooklyn got her very own moped from Santa. I was FREAKED OUT to say the least when she got on this for the first time and went whipping down the street. This thing goes 15 miles an hour and she went full speed from the second she got on it. Troy's family had bets on how fast she would end up with a broken arm, but surprisingly she is great on it. And doesn't she just look so cute?!

Brigham was not left out on any of the fun. He got his very own MOTORCYCLE! All he wanted for Christmas was a motorcycle and talked about it for weeks and weeks. Funny story--he called Santa on the phone to let him know that he wanted a motorcycle (my kids are too scared to sit on Santa's lap so we called him instead :) ). Well a couple of days later, he saw Santa in a parade. When Troy asked him how the parade was he just kept saying, "Santa didn't bring me my motorcycle." We had to remind him that Santa would bring it for Christmas.

Then on Christmas Eve at our family party Santa brought Brigham a little motorcycle. He was in HEAVEN to say the least. Well, Christmas morning comes and we ask Brigham if he wants to go in the family room and see if Santa came. His response, "I'm ok, I already got my motorcycle." He had no idea that Santa was going to be bringing him a full size Harley. As soon as he saw it he was in love and did not want to get off of it to open any of his presents.

Thanks, Santa!