Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In the Past 24 hours...

Let's see in the past 24 hours Brigham has:

*poured an entire bottle of glue on my tile, carpet and leather couches
*dumped out a bottle of nail polish remover all over my bathroom
*smeared lotion all over my bathroom
*opened a new bag of chips and proceeded to smash them into small crumbs all over Brooklyn's bed
*got out of bed every 2 minutes for over 2 HOURS last night and each time he did it he LOCKED the door
*smeared glitter glue in a friend's hair
*broke more than a couple ornaments and spread them throughout the house

Yeah, I guess that will do it. As you can see I am more than a little frustrated with my little guy today. I hate to even think about what the next 24 hours has in store for me.

But then I look at this cute little face and everything seems better again. That and the fact that he is napping peacefully at the moment!


The Graves said...

Wow... sounds like he's been busy! :) But your right, look at that cute little face. How can you get mad at that? :)

Jerlyn said...

Not my sweet little Briggy! He couldn't have done all those things! :)

Ann said...

Haha, it's insane how such a little guy can get into so much trouble... Funny thing is when I babysat him he was an angel... He's so cute, does anyone ever believe you when you tell them what he's done? :D

Jodi Davis said...

Ann--he IS the best little guy for everyone else. He saves all of his best stuff for me. Lucky me! I guess it is good that he doesn't do this at anybody else's house or else I would never be able to find a babysitter for him.