Monday, October 20, 2008

San Antonio, Texas

Last Wednesday I was sitting outside with my kiddos when I remembered that we had a couple of tickets on Southwest that were just sitting there just waiting to be used up and Brooklyn was out of school for fall break so it was the perfect time to use them. So Brooklyn and I decided that it would be fun to go visit Uncle JD, Aunt Cassie and the boys in Texas for a few days. Troy was already heading there for work so it was the perfect time to go. We were on a plane the next afternoon. It seriously felt like "prekid" days when Troy and I went on spontaneous trips quite frequently. It is a little harder to do that with 2 kids, but we made it happen.

JD and Cassie don't get too many visitors so they were thrilled we were coming and dropped everything for us. They were the best host/hostess ever. I felt like we ate the entire time between Cassie's amazing mexican dishes and JD showing us the best restaurants in town and then, of course, we always had to fill in the cracks with ice cream or smoothies every night after the kids went to bed. Just writing this makes me crave Cassie's burritos and smoothies. I was trying to take some cooking lessons from her, but I just don't have the same touch as she does. Oh well, I will stick to taking the pictures and she can pay me with food. So when are you moving back to AZ again?

On top of the good food, our kids play so well together. Bryson and Brooklyn would play outside for HOURS at a time and they never once fought. Seriously, they played together for 5 days and they NEVER had an argument. Bryson is so mellow that Brooklyn can push him around and he doesn't even care. Brigham loved playing basketball and football with Coby and motorcycles with Tanner. Cassie and I actually had a chance to sit and talk to each other. Imagine that? So I ask again, WHEN ARE YOU MOVING TO AZ???

As you can see we had an amazing trip. We miss you guys so bad and we want you to come see us soon.

Anyways, while we were there we, of course, had to take a few (or a few hundred) pictures of my cute little nephews. Warning: there are a lot of pictures, but I just couldn't resist. Believe me this doesn't even scratch the surface of what I could have included. Oh and I have to say that I am in love with this location. We found this place just driving around one afternoon. There were several antique store right next to each other and I have to say that I wanted to buy everything in sight, but that is another story entirely. We had a gorgeous overcast day which made for some nice light wherever we went. Why does this place have to be 1000 miles away from me?

After the antique stores we headed back home and Bryson asked if I would take his pictures on the swing. I guess getting your pictures taken is that bad after all if a 5-year-old boy is ASKING to have his pictures taken again. I was honored and jumped at the opportunity. I am SO glad that he asked because we got some great pictures of the boys just playing like they do everyday in their backyard.

Now you can see why I had to include so many pictures. They are one good looking family! Hope you like them, JD and Cassie!

Sorry, but I just have to include one more. While I was taking pictures of the boys on the swings Brooklyn asked me why I wasn't taking pictures of her. I told her that I had LOTS of pictures of her on the swings so I needed to get a few of the boys before the sun went down in a few minutes. She seemed fine with my answer because she ran off. The next thing I know she has gone upstairs and changed her outfit into one that matched the boys. She hops on the swing and says, "Mom, I am all clean now and I match. Now will you take my picture?" How can you say no to that?


bbh said...

I love them all... I want to see MORE!! :) My fave is the one with Bryson on the swing... that grin is pricelss! They ARE a gorgeous family... Cassie I swear you are more beautiful every time I see you... is it that Texas water??

I agree with Jodi... you all need to move back to AZ! Hugs --bettijo

Jerlyn said...

Love them! They are adorable boys! I'm jealous, I wish I could have been there!

Cassie Simonton said...

Jodi we absolutley LOVE them!!! You can work wonders with Photo shop... I wish my skin really looked like that!
We had such a good time with you and the kido's! Life was good, kids playing happily, mom's sitting on the couch chatting, and eating like queen's...i miss those days;) I had no idea you excepted food for payment...that is awesome, I will move in and become your personal cheff!!
Thanks again for coming to visit us, we had the greatest time! You guys are the best...feel free to visit us anytime!!!

Jodi Davis said...

Move on in, Cassie. Oh how I would LOVE a personal chef. A total dream. Can you clean my house too?

The Graves said...

How fun! They have such a cute family!!

The Morriss Family said...

Jodi, this is your old roommate, Jamie Williams (now Morriss). I got on your blog from Jamie Sue. Wow, you are soooo talented. I LOVE pictures! Your kids are adorable too. Hope your family is doing well! Take care!