Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ann | 2008 Senior

Here is a sneak peek for Ann and her family! We had a great time this weekend walking around in downtown Mesa documenting Ann during her senior year. She is an amazingly talented girl--she can play several instruments and is a top notch artist. She will definitely go far in life!

Ann made my job a piece of cake because after each click of the camera should would have a new look for me. I really didn't have to do anything. It was great! Don't be surprised if you see her on an upcoming senior shoot as my assistant.

Meet Ann!


Cassie Simonton said...

Again...amazing pics Jodi! Also is that new disclaimer for not copy or save without permission....sorry about that! I hope your not mad at me! I just had to put up those amazing family pics you took of us!

The Den said...

You are such an amazing photographer. I love following your blog just to look at the pictures you post. Imagine my surprise tonight when you subject was Ann. Ann will advoid me at all costs if I have a camera in my hand, but will let everyone else take her picture. Sometimes it is really hard to realize your little girl has grown up into a beautiful woman. When do I get my copy?

Chris said...

What a beautiful subject to create your beautiful pictures with! (yes, I'm her Dad - but still it's true!) Just amazing Jodi!!

Jerlyn said...

Love them! She's a great model and you are a great photographer!!!!