Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Great Wall

Today was another beautiful and eventful day in Beijing. We spent the day at The Great Wall and at the Ming Tombs.

The Great Wall was absolutely amazing. I cannot even begin to imagine what it took to build this hundreds of years ago. And I have to say that I feel horrible for the poor guards that had to walk to the top of the wall for their turn on duty. I think that we should all be very grateful for our jobs. Can you even imagine having to do that every day?

We took a gondola ride to the top and then Troy and I hung out while our friends climbed to the top. I did walk a little ways because you can't come all the way to China and then not climb the wall. It was breathtaking looking over the wall through the mountains.

Even now, I can't believe that I walked on The Great Wall of China. I NEVER thought in my life that I would be standing there on that wall. I mean that is something that you learn about in school or see in pictures, but to be standing there in person was wild. I have seen so many things this trip that I will never forget. What an opportunity this has been. I am loving this!

See what I mean? It is gorgeous and these pictures don't even begin to do it justice.

My daily picture of my crazy husband in his rice hat.

After a long day we went to dinner tonight at the BEST place. The shrimp, chicken and noodles were delicious, but the dumplings were my favorite of anything we have eaten so far. I ate more tonight than I have all week I think. When I get back home I am calling my sister-in-law Debbie so she can teach me how to make them. Mmmm, Mmmm. I have also learned how to use chopsticks for the first time since I have been here. I have always been chopstick challenged, but I am so proud of myself that I used them all day today without a problem. I don't need no stinkin fork. And then after I completely stuffed myself at dinner, Troy's aunt who we are staying with took us for shaved ice. I was thinking that it was going to be like a sno cone, but these things came out and they were huge and delicious! I didn't bring my camera so we may have to go back just so I can get a picture. At least that will be the excuse that I use. So are you all hungry yet? You should be.

Erik has more races tomorrow, which will be nice because I am ready to relax and watch some racing rather than climbing all over China. Talk to you tomorrow!!


Cassie Simonton said...

I am dying laughing at that picture of Troy...too funny!!!
Seriously Jodi you are one lucky go to China and climb the "great Wall" definetly a trip of a LIFE TIME!!! SOOOOO JEALOUS!!!! I keep telling myself that you guys aren't having nearly as much fun since I'm not with you...but your pictures beg to differ!!! And now you tell me about these AMAZING shaved ice...come on JODI you know my weakness for SWEETS!!!! YOUR KILLING ME!!!

Cassie Simonton said...

Jodi, this is your brother. We are jealous. I love the pictures, but the same spots are showing up in different pics. You buy a $1200 lens and then dont clean it;) I only want to see perfect pictures. Have a great time and keep the updates coming.
(ps, this is my first comment I have ever left on a blog)...I'm a blogger now.

mistie said...

Jodi, I think the "spots" are on J.D. & Cassie's computer screen...there are no spots on the pictures we are looking at! Our family is enjoying reading your blog everyday! Thanks for letting us live through your experiences. What a wonderful opportunity you two are having. Once in a life time! Chris keeps telling me "ONE DAY" we will get a chance...I'm not holding my breath :o)
Love you both,

Jerlyn said...

What an incredible place to see. You know I am jealous. I wanted to go there so bad. I love Asia and all of the incredible people. Gorgeous pics and wonderful places. Enjoy! I miss you tons!

Anonymous said...

I had an 8 hour seminar today. Don't tell the teacher, but I was on Jodi's blog the whole time. Ahhhh, I wish I could join your experience. I'm loving the photos and know just how you feel about not being able to take enough. I'm glad you have gotten over being chopstick challenged, felt the roar of a 90,000+ crowd, mingled with the Chinese Papparazi and watched Erik go for the Gold! Keep having a good time! Sue Rossi