Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blue Skies in Beijing

I can't believe it--the skies were beautiful and very blue today here in Beijing. The entire time we have been here they have been grey from all the moisture in the air, but after all of the rain it was a nice sunny day today, which made for some nice pictures.

We visited the Temple of Heaven today and it was very interesting and beautiful.

This man was 98 and still so energetic.

This is the Echo Wall and it is pretty cool. A person standing behind the building on the East end can speak into the wall and be heard by a person standing behind the building on the West end. Here is Troy attempting to sing like a Mexican Mariachi into the wall. Leave it Troy to get the attention of every person in the entire place.

Troy and I standing on what the Chinese believe to be the "Center of the Earth." I am trying to be one of the locals putting up the peace sign. They all do it, even tiny little kids.

As is typical in China, Troy and Erik were stopped once again by the news to be interviewed. They are celebrities I tell you.

Troy being Troy and making me laugh!


Cassie Simonton said...

So nice...I'm glad you got to see China with the sun out!!!
I think that is soo funny that they have Troy on the news...he might never want to come back to the US...tell him to not let all the fame go to his head;)

Jerlyn said...

I love that last picture of Troy. It is sooooo Troy to me! I'm glad you are having such a good time!