Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Kiddos

Just wanted to share a few fun pics of my kids that I took while we were in UT visiting family.

So Brigham now has a "cheese face" that he does whenever I pull out the camera. He looks stinkin' cute, but I really do despise the whole "cheese" look because it is so unnatural. Oh well, what do you do?!

Brigham could seriously swing for hours. He LOVES it to say the least. Luckily he has the greatest big sister that is so willing to push him. I love that they are such good friends.

For those of you that know my daughter, you know that she is TERRIFIED of animals and even that is an understatement. So this picture of her holding a bunny is somewhat shocking to me. After spending several days around her cousins bunnies she finally decided that she was going to be brave and play with them and even pick one up! I can hardly believe my eyes even now looking at her holding this bunny. I had to run and grab the camera to capture this amazing moment. Maybe there is a little hope for her!

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Jerlyn said...

I love these pictures. I love the "cheese" smile from Brigy. He cracks me up. There is hope for Brooklyn yet. I can't believe she is holding the bunny. Maybe we should buy her one for her birthday. I bunny is much less maintenance than a dog. They are very cute kiddos!