Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bribery at its finest...

For the past several months--OK maybe longer than that--Brooklyn has decided that she needs to sleep in our room right in between us. Annoying! Not only that, she wakes us up screaming, crying, kicking and trying to find anywhere she can to potty (yes, she has opened up the fridge looking for the bathroom, climbed up on a regular chair and even tried going in the backyard). After MANY nights of waking up to her Troy and I had had ENOUGH. SO my brilliant husband came up with a plan--If Brooklyn sleeps in her room for 5 nights IN A ROW without waking up mom or dad then she gets to choose something fun to do. BRILLIANT I tell you. Bedtime fights have gone way down, not eliminated, but much better and she has not come in our room since we started this! Heaven! Last time she choose to go to the movie theater--something we rarely do because they just aren't good in movies--and this time she choose to have a "Girl's Night" and go get manicures, pedicures and ice cream. I am loving this too (gives me an excuse for Troy to keep Brigham and go out and have some fun with the girls--it's a win all around). Anyways, yesterday we were driving in the car and Brooklyn was talking about how she wanted to show everyone her pretty nails with flowers so to avoid going to everyone's houses we compromised that I would take some pictures and put them on the computer. So here she is with her beautiful nails!
(Cassie--make sure you show Bryson because Brooklyn really wanted him to see them too! She cracks me up!)

Now I just need to figure out some bribe to get her to stop whining! Any ideas???

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Jerlyn said...

Brooklyn, we are so proud of you for sleeping in your room! Can you teach Hayden to? Your nails look so pretty! I love you!