Thursday, August 2, 2007

Beach Fun

Every year my family travels to Oceanside, CA for a week of beach fun. We spend lots of time jumping waves, getting dirty in the sand, having bbqs, shopping, playing lots of games and just relaxing. It's a tradition that started 20 years ago and is something we all look forward to throughout the year. We had a great time and I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from the week.

Kiley and Brooklyn are the best of friends, but boy can the two of them get into some trouble together!! They LOVED playing with each other all week. We are so sad that they don't live down the street from us anymore because we hardly see them.

Whenever I look at this picture, I get a bit of a pit in my stomach. Although this picture was taken earlier in the week it reminds me of a moment that scared me to death. Let me explain, Brigham loved the water and sand, but would usually stay right by me so I didn't have to worry too much throughout the week, which was a huge relief, but the last day all of a sudden he decided to be brave. I was sitting in the chair watching the kids play in the sand and I looked up just in time to see Brigham walking into the water--BY HIMSELF!!! Does he not know that he is only 14 months old and can't go into the ocean alone?! He was about knee deep in water and, before I could stand up, a wave had taken him down and completely covered him in water. Jerlyn scooped him up a second later, but that was enough for me. I sat and held him for the next hour!

This picture, by the way, was taken well before the above incident, and Suzi was standing right next to him :).


Becky's Blog said...

I love all your photos! Surfer Boy is so cool! I can't wait until Molly is walking and I can see her chubby brown legs waddling around!! :)


Cassie Simonton said...

that surfer boy is too cute! Briggy is too cute!!!