Tuesday, October 23, 2007

4 Boys and a Babe

I had fun yesterday spending some time with my brother and his wonderful family. After having 4 boys they were finally blessed with a girl. She is 9 months and is such a doll.

It was quite the adventure trying to get 4 boys to stay near each other long enough to get a few shots together. Picture day for these boys is sheer torture in their eyes, but they should be happy to know that it will be another entire year before the dreaded day comes again. As if 5 kids didn't add enough excitement, the sprinklers decided to come on and drench me. Yes, I got completely soaked because I was more worried about saving my camera than saving myself. There is something about this family and water. You see, the last time I took their pictures we were shooting at the ocean and I fell in the water. But, yet again I saved my camera--I got the wind totally knocked out of me, but I saved the camera. Next time I will be prepared--we will be headed to a location that is as far away from water as possible :).

Enough rambling and on to the pictures. Don't you just love how little B is looking up at her mom?

Anyone that tries to mess with B better watch out because she has got some pretty tough older brothers!

I had a great time with all of you! I know that I kept you in suspense big bro, but you should be happy to know that you made the blog!

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Kara May said...

Love your blog! Hope you're doing well. Came by to tag you (or maybe even re-tag you). 'You're it!'
Have fun!! Kara ;)