Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Dreaded Day Has Come

It is true, Brigham learned how to climb out of his crib last night. I knew this day would come, I mean he is 2 and Brooklyn was climbing out of her bed before she was 18 months, but I was still hoping I could keep him in his crib a little bit longer. He has always gone to bed so easily. Just plop him in his crib and he would be out before you knew it with no fuss at all. I guess I was spoiled long enough. It took me 2 HOURS and at least 20 times putting him back to bed before he finally fell asleep last night. Even while typing this little bit I have stood up 4 times to put him back to bed and I am sure that it will still be many more times before he is actually asleep. I have to say he looks so cute when he gets up--he walks to my office and just stands there staring at me waiting for me to put him back to bed. What a spaz! Oops there he is again--gotta go!


Audycamp said...

oh no! that is really too funny though. sneaky little boys would climb to the top of their crib and the just fall over. silly kids!

Cassie Simonton said...

That really is a sad day! Hopefully, he won't keep up this little game for too long! Don't you just hate to see your kids grow up...can't they just stay our babies forever!!!

Jerlyn said...

This makes me really excited to keep him this weekend! I am sure he will just sleep in bed with me. :) Doesn't he know that he wasn't susposed to grow up so fast?!