Saturday, March 15, 2008


It has been FOREVER since I have sat down and scrapbooked for my kids. I spend so much time editing pictures for everyone else that I don't have time to scrapbook anymore. Well, the a couple of weeks ago I decided that I need to start doing this again for my kids' sake. So I sat down at my computer and completed 4 pages in one night! A true miracle for me. They are simple and I LOVE them. Now I just need to make a habit out of this!


Raich said...

hi there, you don't know me but i clicked on your blog from audra campbells and wondered if you had any tips you want to share about digital scrapbooking, i'm usually on top of these kind of things but haven't even gotten started yet!! just leave me a comment.. thanks
btw you take awesome pics

Jerlyn said...

Just add it to your list of one more thing you need to teach me!